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Your Vehicle's Maintenance


Gain the peace of mind that comes with maintaining your vehicle to maximize performance and save money by avoiding emergency repairs. Our basic maintenance plan covers all the lubricated parts of your engine, including transmission. We thoroughly inspect and upgrade your vehicle’s mechanical and electrical components. We will follow your model’s recommended maintenance plan or create a customized plan for you. Download our checklist (above) to ensure that you don’t miss important details. Call us (603-882-2541) to discuss a reasonably-priced vehicle maintenance plan to keep your vehicle in top shape.


State Inspection Services

All New Hampshire registered vehicles require a safety inspection to be  conducted within ten (10) days of the registration. After the initial  inspection, registered vehicles must be re-inspected every year, no  later than ten (10) days after the end of the owner's birth month. When a  vehicle changes owners, it must be inspected in the new owner's name  within ten (10) days of the registration date, even if the original  inspection sticker has not expired. Glidden Auto Service is a state licensed inspection station. Inspection information from both the safety and emission inspections  will be entered into a computer system and electronically transferred to  the DMV. Vehicles which pass both the safety and emissions inspections  will be issued an inspection sticker. It will be valid for the same time  period as the vehicle's registration. We are required to give a  copy of the official Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) to the motorist  every time the vehicle is inspected.

The general inspection process includes:

  • Registration, plates, registration certificate and vehicle identification number
  • Steering, front end and suspension
  • Brakes, including parking brake
  • Odometer and speedometer
  • Electrical system, horn and defroster
  • Lights and reflectors, including headlight aim
  • Glass, glazing and mirrors
  • Wipers
  • Exhaust system
  • On-board diagnostics system
  • Body, chassis and bumper height
  • Fuel system
  • Tires and wheels
  • Emissions & on-board diagnostics