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Glidden Auto Service

Top Service on Brakes to Keep You Safe

Whether antilock, power brakes, domestic or foreign models, it’s important for your safety and your vehicle’s performance to stay on top of brake maintenance. 

Brake Pads and Rotors in good condition can safely stop your vehicle and keep vibrations and noise to a minimum. Save time and money…remember that you have multiple brake systems the same age, and they should be replaced if even one needs replacement. We will help you choose the right parts, to avoid full brake replacement and keep you safe.

Brake Rotors, also called brake discs, ensure high performance braking if kept in good condition. Be sure to have your rotors checked at every brake inspection. Most rotors need replacement every 60,000 to 70,000 miles. Look for these warning signs: unusual vibrations and sounds, such as squealing, when you step on the brake pedal. 

Brake Fluid is checked for consistency, content, and levels at each comprehensive brake inspection. Normally, brake fluid should be changed every two years, but be sure to consult your owner’s manual, or ask us.


Tires for Your Vehicle

We will help you with tire purchase and replacement, tire repair, tire rotations, and wheel alignment. 

You may choose your tires based on tire brand, or by vehicle make/model, or by size/performance

Choose the right tires for your vehicle. Depending on how you drive, the type of vehicle and the performance you expect, the tire will enhance your vehicle’s drive feel and contribute to your safety.  

We will find the perfect tires for your vehicle (we offer most brands), at a competitive price! 

We’ll also advise if the tire warranty is a good deal, and let you know how often your tires should be checked to keep them performing at a high level (it varies by vehicle).

We’ll check your tires for optimum performance in summer and winter, advise on tire rotation, check inflation and ensure your tires have the right amount of tread and the right type of tread for your driving style. 

We’ll also inspect your spare if you have one, just in case of an emergency in a tire deflation or blow-out. 

Do you need a professional alignment for your vehicle type and model? We’ll let you know based on uneven tire wear. This is an economy that saves you money over the life of your car.